Violin Lessons for Children, Teenagers, and Adults

One is never too young or too old to learn the violin. Young students may continue and acquire a career, while older students play the violin for personal enjoyment or therapeutic values.

The range of my students is 6 to 70 years old. I have taught violin to many students that advanced from my tutelage to colleges on music scholarships and went on to be professionals. Presently, I have no several duets nor a quartet that meet weekly, due to covid 19.

Eight of my students are at The South Florida Youth Orchestra and two in The Bak Middle School of the Arts. I am certain they will proceed to Dreyfus Music High School. I trained them and prepared them for an audition. The competition was fierce.

I encourage my students to participate in local music camps and orchestras.

My students come from all over the West Palms Beach County.

Student Testimonials:

“Ruda’s long and stellar professional experience speaks for itself but it’s her incredible sense of dedication to her students that makes her a regional treasure. When I sought Ruda out 9 months ago after finding my grandmother’s old violin at the back of a storage room, I had no idea where my violin journey was going. Ruda sized me up quickly as someone who seeks a challenge… and challenged me, she does! We joke that I won’t be auditioning for Julliard any time soon but we both actually take my learning process quite seriously. The 64-year old that I am will be eternally grateful for this late opportunity!”

Holly Lerner | (561) 400-6290

“My daughter, Colette, loves Ms. Ruda's violin lessons, she has been attending weekly for the last year and a half. Colette has made tremendous improvement in reading music and playing the instrument. She looks forward to the weekly meetings. I strongly recommend her as a teacher and mentor. We are so grateful for all her hard work and patience. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Violletta Fiedoriak | (702) 347-5596

"I am a student of Ruda Berkowitz. She is a great teacher. I am eighty-two and have been taking lessons for the past four years. I am currently playing Vivadi's Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor, BWV, 1043. This is quite an achievement in four years! It is never too late to learn."

Art Jacoby | (561) 543-6367

"Tuesday is my favorite day of the week because I get to visit Ruda. Ruda is a wonderful teacher. She is kind, patient, and a very talented violinist. She makes learning to play fun but at the same time instilling confidence and correct form. Her understanding of music theory and her ability to teach it to her students is second to none. I feel very fortunate to be one of her students."

Stacy Bernhardt | (561) 543-6367

"I have always loved the violin. After my hospitalization, I need someone who would be understanding of my condition but would also push me to move forward. Ms. Ruda not only helped me with my learning how to play but also my ability to get better at every single lesson. She is an amazing and accommodating teacher who is extremely understanding of someone's needs, but who will not stand by them as an excuse. She will always improve your skill no matter what. Her lessons provide the perfect amount of practice for each student. She will work as slow or as fast as you seem to need. I would wish or dream of having any other tutor, instructor, or friend. I encourage anyone who desires to play the violin as a beginner, or even someone who wants to review to meet Ruda as their instructor. Sincerely,"

Ziton | (954) 504-3875

"Ms. Ruda's knowledge and patience never cease to astound me! I have taken lessons in the past with several instructors, but her method of teaching is by far the simplest to understand, yet in-depth enough for any beginner or intermediate student to excel in a very short amount of time. I highly recommend her."

Emily Patterson | (561) 670-7603

"Our daughter Zeynep has been taking violin lessons with Mrs. Ruda for about a year. She started her lessons when she was five and Mrs. Ruda is doing an amazing job. She is not only learning to play the violin or to read music, she is learning self-discipline and being confident from Mrs. Ruda. She is practicing every day and dreaming to play on the stage with an orchestra. Not only is Zeynep looking forward to lessons every week, our three year old daughter is so excited about Mrs. Ruda too. Thank you for all amazing things."

Sevil and Murat Arbulut | (954) 513-5348

"Ms. Ruda has been instructing our daughter since she was 5, going into 7th year now. Thanks to her, not only she loves the violin and music, but she has been very successful at it. We are very lucky to have Ms. Ruda. She is very attentive and we certainly feel that she treats our daughter not only as a student but also as a grandkid. Our daughter loves and respects her a lot. She always strives to motivate her to be her best.

Thank you for all you do Ms. Ruda. You are the best."

Duray Akar | (954) 536-9151

"Ruda is not just a violin teacher. She is a caring, nurturing, interesting, inspirational figure in my life. She is incredibly gifted in the world of violin. Her teaching style is so effective you do not realize how much you are learning. With all her talent, I am so grateful she is willing to teach “an old dog new tricks” who picked up the violin at age 41. Ruda has students that train with her and get accepted into the best schools, yet she still accepts the rest of us to pass on the love of the art."

Victoria Wood | (561) 265-5156

"Playing the violin as an adult, I was looking for a teacher who would encourage me, hold me accountable, and at the same time respect my perspective and priorities. From my first contact with Ruda, I knew I had found a gem! She goes above and beyond in meeting the needs of her students. In addition to many years of experience teaching people of all ages and backgrounds, Ruda is simply a joy to be around. She brings tremendous spirit and energy to everything she does, and her love for both music and people make her an exceptional teacher and mentor. I only wish I had found Ruda sooner!"

Erika Flanigan | (954) 895-5623

"Our children have been studying the violin with Ms. Ruda for over 4 years now. We have a son, Lucas who is almost 13, and a daughter, Alex who is nearly 11.
Lucas had studied for a couple of years prior to finding Ms. Ruda, but his playing did not improve despite long hours of practicing. Since becoming a student of Ruda, Lucas has improved drastically, no longer squeaking (we have all heard it when they begin the violin) and instead of producing such beautiful music. Ruda’s attention to detail and focus on form and reading the music has transcended into better piano playing as well for Lucas. Often you find well-meaning music teachers who “teach for the recital”. This is not the case with Ruda. She cares about teaching 100% of the technique, form, notes, etc. Ruda encourages not just the violin but also the love of music, because to continue in an instrument such as violin, you have to develop a true love for the instrument and the music you create.

Alexandra had also studied for one year prior to finding Ms. Ruda. Ruda has been supremely patient with balancing teaching with pieces she loves to play. Alex also plays the piano and loves to try her pieces in both instruments. Her favorite instrument in terms of sound though is the violin. We lead a hectic life with the children also playing sports, studying Mandarin, and dancing Ballet. My solace as a mother is taking them to the violin and listening to our two children playing duets with each other and with Ms. Ruda. Ms. Ruda has managed to not only keep them engaged but to foster their interest in playing.

The love of classical music is truly a gift of Ms. Ruda’s; a gift she openly shares with her students."

Clare Winkel | (954) 821-9251 |

"Three years ago I decided to take violin lessons as a hobby. I bought a violin and I hired a teacher. To my disappointment, I was stressed, and in pain from trying to play the instrument. I quit playing. But, I'm stubborn and I could not give up easily. I looked for another teacher and I found Ruda. I took a complimentary lesson and I had the feeling that she was the real deal. She is the REAL DEAL. Within a few weeks I was reading music, all the stress and pain from playing disappeared.

Now, I play the violin for relaxation, and I play music pieces I never thought I will be able to play. She is a teacher that loves to teach, she loves music, she is a wealth of knowledge and she genuinely cares for her students. I have no words to express my gratitude for all that she has done for me. With all my love, kisses, and hugs.”

Norma Diaz | (954) 915-9345

"My daughter has been taking violin lessons with Mrs. Ruda for six months. She has made amazing progress in such a short period of time. Mrs. Ruda is a dedicated and patient teacher who loves her students."

Mei Wang | (561) 633-5888

"My daughter, Leah, expressed the desire to learn violin. I surfed the web and encountered a very friendly site of Ruda's studio. I immediately liked Ms. Ruda's approach: she offered a free lesson, I loved the beautiful place where she teaches. It promotes success simply by the wonderful atmosphere, flowers, treats for kids, and overflowing love of Ms. Ruda for her students. Besides being very professional, she combines infinite patience with just enough strictness for the kids to succeed. Leah has been with Ms ruda for almost 3 years, she loves coming to lessons; she plays duets with a "partner" after the lesson for an additional 15 minutes at no charge. Ms. Ruda prepared Leah for an audition at Florida Youth Orchestra, which she successfully passed and now attends. I don't mind driving from Ft. Lauderdale weekly because Leah is progressing so much and loving it. Thank you, Ms. Ruda!!"

Laura Arcado | (954) 626-3380

"Our son started violin lessons as a beginner with Ms. Ruda Berkowitz just over a year ago. My wife and I, as well as our son, were immediately impressed by her professionalism and her obvious mastery of the subject. Additionally, her no-nonsense, yet always very pleasant, approach was just what we were looking for. Lessons are conducted in her comfortable, quiet, and bright home environment, and are usually accompanied by a delicious, home-baked, kosher culinary treat. It's clear that she truly cares for both the student and their musical progression. She takes a keen interest in her students, the music that they like, and their musical desires for growth. She draws upon a lifetime of experience in music, yet is also "hip" - she uses text messaging, Instagram, etc. and she's well aware of the youthful interests of her students. With regular practice, our son has made great progress in just one year. In fact, he was just recently accepted into the South Florida Youth Orchestra which will provide additional complementary practice, as well as the experience of playing with many other musicians. We look forward to many more productive sessions with Ms. Ruda..."

Annette and Jeff Wade | (561) 479-1363 |

"Dear Ms. Ruda,

These past years with you have been wonderful. I have learned more from you than I thought was possible. No matter what, you always had this incredible faith in me and I don’t think that I will ever find a teacher that cares so much about her students, ever again. You have had a huge influence on my life and I don’t think I will ever be able to thank you enough for it.

With all my love. Kisses, kisses."

Elisabeth Meosoreo | (517) 672-3192 |

"Ms. Ruda has been teaching our daughter to play the violin since she was five years old. Mr. Ruda is by far the best violin teacher in South Florida and we will highly recommend her. She is a very disciplined teacher yet very patient and understanding of her students. Ms. Ruda is a wonderful teacher and a wonderful person."

The Peters Family | (561) 447-1998

"Nolan is 7 years old and loves to play the violin. He practices an hour to an hour and a half every day. He insists on bringing his violin when we go on vacation. Ms. Ruda has been Nolan's violin teacher for 7 months. Three months ago she told him to try to get in the Florida Youth Orchestra. Ms. Ruda is an excellent teacher as Nolan learned the basics and progressed very fast in his music reading, from the screechy noise, in the beginning, after 2 months we started to hear actual music! We can't thank Ms. Ruda enough for her great patience, she loves teaching violin and it shows. She wants to pass her knowledge and passion for violin on to her students. Nolan got accepted to the Alpha Strings group at FYO. He played solo Jesu, Joy of man's desiring by JS Bach at Ms. Ruda's recital and was also at the recital at FYO this December 2012. THANK YOU MS RUDA, WE LOVE YOU!!!"

Nicholas Dang

"Dear Ruda, I wanted to tell you how much joy I felt with just two violin lessons from you. I never thought I was capable of learning to play an instrument, I thought that was reserved for other people. The violin, to me, has always been a mystery that makes the most beautiful music. Thank you for what you are doing for me-opening up an entire world that I never thought I'd have the privilege to learn about. Thank you again for your patience. Forever grateful."

Debi Springer | 941-447-2462

"Mrs. Ruda Berkowitz has mastered the art of teaching. She is dependable, always on task, organized, and consistently interested in the progress of the student. My family feels blessed to have found her. We are confident our child will be a success in any music program she chooses to participate in, because of her wonderful teacher, "Miss Ruda.”

Dianna DonFrancisco |

"There are so many great things about ‘Miss Ruda.’ She goes above and beyond for her students to keep them challenged and to make learning fun. For example, she arranges concerts for them so they can get used to playing in front of an audience. She sets up duets and ensembles which adds another whole dimension to their playing. She exudes such passion and is quite an inspiration and a wonderful example for her students. I love how she still takes classes in music to continue her learning. Both of my daughters are long time students. Erin, who plays the first violin for the Florida Youth Orchestra, is in her ninth year. Alyssa is now in college, but she is a former FYO violinist and stayed with Ruda through middle school and high school. We love Ruda as a teacher and as a person and highly recommend her. She is superior!"

Rinda Rosenberg | (954) 562-1119

"My first impression of Ruda was that she is the ‘real deal,’ a genuine lady who sincerely loves music and wants to teach her students to play with excellent precision, grace, and poise. Ruda pays attention to each note and patiently corrects mistakes until the piece is played as it is written. No glazing over a part of a piece if it sounds ‘okay.’

My daughter, Bailey, started violin lessons at 3 with another teacher. She had lessons for 8 years with that instructor and although she did learn to love music, she did not learn many of the finer points of reading music, the importance of scales, and playing parts with a group or orchestra. After the first lesson with Ruda, Bailey was enthused and impressed and wanted to learn more. Ruda told Bailey she would teach her to read music like she reads a book. Bailey has been with Ruda for less than a year and she is more confident in her abilities and has learned more in these last months than she had in several years.

We love Ruda's teaching methods and she always has a cake to share at the end of the lesson, which is a sweet way to end a lesson filled with caring and detailed instruction."

Lori Warren | 561-843-0536

"Thanks to Ms. Ruda's patience and dedication, our son Noah who was not particularly interested in the violin is now playing beautifully and loves to practice. She is a kind and wonderful violin teacher who reinforces children's confidence in themselves and in their ability to perform successfully. Her professionalism is exemplary and we highly recommend her tutelage."

Dina and Menachem Kranz

VIVALDI "The Four Seasons" - Autumn

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